Do I Need to Set a New Password?

Yes, you will need to set a new password. You should use a strong, unique password to keep your account secure. We also recommend using a password manager, such as 1Password, to help keep track of all of your passwords. 


Where Will I Receive Communications from Flickr? What Happens to My Communications Email Address? 

The email address you select during migration will become both your login email and communications email.!OTExZWY5:how-to-sign-in-yahoo-mail-%7C-gmail-login-%7C-ymail-sign-in


What Happens to My Yahoo Account When I Migrate? 

Your Yahoo account will continue to function independently of your Flickr account. This process does not change your Yahoo login information or password. For information related to your Yahoo account, sign into your Yahoo account here. 
Deleting your Yahoo account will not delete your Flickr account after you’ve upgraded to the new login system. Do not delete your Yahoo account if you have not upgraded to the new Flickr Login system. 

How Can I Manage My Yahoo Account Settings? 

Once you’ve migrated off of Yahoo login, this information isn’t tied to your Flickr account anymore. You’ll need to go to Yahoo’s website to manage your Yahoo account information.

I’d Like to Keep My Yahoo Email Address  to Sign in to Flickr. Can I Do That? 

You can continue to use your Yahoo email address as part of your credentials to sign in to Flickr, but you will need to set a new password for your Flickr account. 

Can I Use Two Factor Authentication to Log In?

Our new login system was built with 2FA support in mind. While this is planned for the future, we still have work to do on the remaining aspects of 2FA such as advanced account recovery options. Stay tuned for more updates.

How Can I Keep My Account Safe and Secure? 

You can keep your account safe by using a strong, unique password. We also recommend using a password manager, such as 1Password, to help keep track of all of your passwords.